Thursday, October 21, 2010

This Pastor's Favorite Spot At Church

This circle of chairs is to the left of the front door of Cornerstone Church. Most of the time it looks just like this unless the wind causes some chairs to be temporarily relocated.  This is the area I look at first every time I pull into the parking lot.  This may seem strange to you, but this is probably one of my favorite areas on the church grounds.  Since I am the pastor I guess the pulpit is supposed to be my favorite spot because that's where I preach from.   
    The chairs are special to me because there is a growing group of adults that sit in these chairs about 20 minutes before church time each week. Sometimes there is a group sitting here after Sunday service.  There are many things discussed in this circle. From details of a family's activities, how a lady's day at work has gone, to the simple, "Here come some more kids!

 I know the pastor is typically consumed with the area of the building he preaches. This preacher does like the pulpit area. I love the chairs, though, because that is where relationships grow.  Those who choose to come early to sit and talk amongst each other at the chairs, establish a bond. They support, encourage, & help one another.  The preaching time should certainly teach others about the greatness of Jesus Christ. His plans, His calling, His commands, His promises. But in those chairs a family is formed, a support group activated. In those chairs people are able to see authenticity- and learn of Christ and His Word from other everyday people in an ordinary setting amongst simple conversations.

As pastor, I love this circle of chairs. I remember when there were just 3 chairs. Tonight there were 13 chairs, and I saw someone come and sit in this circle for the 1st time, though it seemed as if he had always been a regular.  Sure there are others who stand. But for those who prefer sitting, we will make sure they have a chair to sit and visit for a while.  If you haven't before, you should come try a chair. Who knows? You just might find help, support, encouragement and a new friend.


  1. I like this post! :) This black background though makes me dizzy after I read your blog.