Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Revelations of a broken glass

 Two weeks ago I was reading my bible and felt really impressed to read John 15:2, so I did and honestly nothing jumped out at me about that verse but I kept on reading.  Sometimes I believe God lays a verse on our hearts and then we read it and maybe thunder doesn't sound loudly when we look at it, so we are left thinking, "well that must have just been me thinking that and not God speaking." Well I must confess that is how I felt but I kept on reading and when I reached the end of John 16 I felt like I had just been caught in a tornado of the Holy Spirit.  I was alone in a room and I shouted out LOUD, and I think I cried some too.  Here is the verse that screamed out at me
John 16:32."But a time is coming, and has come, when you will be scattered, each to his own home. You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.

    As I read the end of the verse it was if God had pulled me off the couch and blew me into the wall.  In this verse Jesus is telling about the terrible events that are about to happen to Him for our good.  He tells those who had been closest to Him for the past 3 1/2 years that they are about to leave Him high and dry all by Himself.  At the single most physically and emotionally hard time of Jesus's life, on earth, those closest to Him are about to leave Him alone.
    The thing that jumped out at me was that Jesus though He was fully God and yet fully man acknowledged that regardless of what the situation is looking like, regardless of who is there with Him, He is NEVER alone, cause He is very conscious of God being literally with Him.
     This verse was a huge blessing to me, it renewed the reality that no matter what, I am never alone.  The verse renewed the reality to me that no matter who we are, no matter what we may go thru, we are never ever alone when our identity and hope is in the God of salvation, Jesus Christ.
    Well great, you may say, that is great, but what does a broken glass have to do with this? Well yesterday I walked into my kitchen to see that my youngest had threw a glass down and shattered it all over the floor.  So as always, I go into strict safety mode, I make everyone clear out, cause they are bare footed and I realize that when the glass breaks there are very tiny pieces that can spread far across the floor.  I got the vacuum out and began getting the small pieces up, because I know some pieces may not make it into the dust pan if I just sweep and therefore can cause great pain that is hard to spot and get out once a small glass shaving works into the bottom of a person's foot.  As I got down low to look for any sparkles from a sliver I might have missed, I would discover small particles that indeed were spread out and would have been missed if I didn't get on the right angle to look.
     Well as I noticed these hard to see sharp, tiny slivers of glass, it was if God began to open John 16:32 up to me again.  I believe God showed me this
    "this broken glass is a lot like people, everyone has broken lives, people have been broken because of the sin nature.  Now once a person repents and receives Jesus as their Savior, then Jesus not only saves them, but restores the broken life.  Jesus cleans up the broken pieces of our past, and this is a great moment.  Often when a person is initially saved, there is this awesome assurance that no matter what comes, we are not alone.  We realize that in Christ there truly is rescue and hope and forgiveness and healing of our past, but sometimes there are areas that we let linger from our past.  The things of our past may be hurts that we think we have gotten over, or it may be some unforgiveness that we decide we are going to hold onto because "that person shouldn't have done what they did."  Well for the time being all is ok, because we are so overjoyed about the fact that Jesus Christ gave His life for us, and the healing is so refreshing.  However overtime if we do not allow Jesus into every corner and secret place of our life we end up being reminded of that bad time, or bad event or something someone did that hurt, and at that point we can easily think we are alone again in dealing with the matter. 
     The little bits of pain and unforgiveness hurt very badly once they have worked there way back into our life because we didn't completelty let go of them in the past.  The pain will hurt just like those little pieces of glass left on a floor, they may not be seen immediately because we are so excited about the immediate big things being removed from our site, like the option of hell in our future being gone, or the sin that seemed to control you not controling you anymore but those little things always resurface, if they aren't let go of.
    The lesson God was teaching me is that when those little things surface down the road, they do need to be dealt with and forgiven or let go of, but never forget the God who was with you in the beginning when the big things were removed is still with you, when the little things that we have shoved aside come back to hurt us.  The healing is available, Jesus can heal ever hurt and every pain, the most valuable thing to remember is even when you are alone, you are not alone, God is with you.  God plus one equals a majority.